Let’s look at that word again. Re vision. Looking at something again. (Which, coincidentally, is what we just did with that word :).

To most writers, it’s a terrifying word that can send us scurrying into a corner warding the revision off with our fingers crossed in front of us. Deep down, we know it’s necessary, but we put it off anyway.

At least that how I am. But I took a creative writing class last semester and suddenly revising became much less horrifying. It’s still not something I welcome with open arms, but I think I can get there.

I like to revise chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph. The easiest thing for me is to very first, change fonts. This is really important as it forces you to look at the words in a different way. I always write in Times New Roman. But in that font, I often over look a lot of words, especially ones I use too often. After that, I search for said words. Everyone uses different words too much. Mine are actually, truly, really, etc. I think everyone I know uses the word ‘just’ too often. Make a list of words you use a lot so that when you go to revise you won’t have to rack your brain to remember them. (I stole that thought from Jordan McCollum. Brilliant woman.)

Then comes the tough part. Going through the manuscript and figuring out what needs to stay and what needs to be cut. Over the next few days or weeks, I’m going to go into much more detail about how, exactly, to make that much easier on you. In the meantime, make your list. I’ll make mine too, since all I really (note that word again) remember is those three words.

About Jae Randall

I am a writer, a certified Medical Assistant, EMT, and Firefighter. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2011. I have written 5 books and am working on writing my 6th, outlining my 7th, and beating out my 8th. I hope to have all three written by the end of 2013.


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  1. I love the idea of changing fonts! I’ll often use a different medium to edit: computer screen, Kindle, paper. And a lot of other tools, especially Word macros. I have one that highlights words like just, very, even, so, as, actually, slowly, finally, suddenly, etc., and another that pulls every sentence with a given word and pastes it into a new document (I have it do this with about 60 words).

    Granted, fixing all these things makes me want to claw my eyes out, but the end result is nice 😉 .

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